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Welcome to the Support CBT page! Together, we can achieve more.  

All supporters receive complimentary tickets to the performances, holiday festivals, receptions, and spring and summer showcases. 

Please let us know which area you want to help with. Your contribution greatly helps us in creating an encouraging environment, culturally diverse communities, and positive learning experiences. 

Email CBT Academy:



Advertisment & Sponsorship 

You can advertise your company, organization, and educational institutions through our website, performances, and monthly newsletter.   
Own a CBT hoodie You can purchase a hoodie and support Team CBT. Available child small - Adult, $49.  You will receive a free ticket for the annual event. 
Artistic and Academic Advancement
You can share your creativity and help with the performances as a backstage assistant, events coordinator, seamstress, and prop master who creates artwork for dancers. (DOE)   


You can teach workshops and intensive classes for competitions, recitals, and semi-professional programs. Please send us your resume. (DOE)

Fine arts education for everyone

We offer small group lessons to children who need special care. We train every child to improve their artistic ability, well-being, and health and reach their goals. 
We would love to have you join us!