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From age 7 to 9

students enjoy developing more complex moving skills. They like running in a zig-zag pattern, jumping down steps, and doing cartwheels.  The students are willing to challenge and express their emotions and ideas with total energy.   


Class description: 

We teach students to dance with various tempos (slow, moderate, and rapid), add complexity to waltz steps, improve concentration, endurance, stamina, and dance with grace and poise.  



We introduce students to beautiful classical ballet music while they have fun dancing the waltz and dynamic movements. The composers are Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Mozart, etc.  This is the best time for students to become familiar with great classics and discover their hidden talents. 

Teachers and parents give plenty of time so that children can discover unique movements that improve motor skills and contribute to creative intelligence.  


Students gain confidence as they progress with skills.

Pirouette turns, traveling turns, jumps and leaps,  turn-out, waltz steps, flexibility, and steady balance. 

Classical ballet variations levels III / IV,  adagio, and allegro are taught.