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From age 4 to 6

Students develop a lot more coordination, walk quickly, dash, throw, catch, bounce a ball, hop on one foot, and stand on tiptoe. They are willing to express lots of energy. 


Class description: 
We teach students to stand tall, walk on tiptoes, move gracefully, improve balance, and build a good foundation. We introduce students to easy listening to classical music while they have fun dancing the waltz. 

This is the best time for children and parents to see their genuine interests and curiosity.   

Teachers and parents give plenty of time so that children can discover unique movements that improve motor skills and contribute to creative intelligence.  


Students gain confidence as they progress with skills. 

Basic ballet position, turn-out, waltz steps, flexibility, posture, coordination, focus, turns, and jumps. Classical ballet variations levels I & II are taught.  


Counting 1 to 10 and more! 

As students gains new knowledge about their surroundings, they will begin to understand numbers.  We encourage them to count numbers as they skip, jump, and take each step.